Afshin Sabouki  has a BA in painting from faculty of fine arts- Tehran University.
He studied digital animation in BCIT and Capilano University.
He has been working as a character designer and storyboard artist for various animation projects.
He also has held a number of cartoon/caricature exhibitions and received awards from international cartoon festivals in, China, Iran and Europe.
He founded white crow animation studio, a Vancouver based studio, in 2009 and has been working on several animation and visual projects.


  • 2nd place in “caricature” department in “IACC”, International Animation, Cartoon & Comic Competition, China, 2004
  • Best Iranian Caricature Master, selected by national “Irancartoon” web site, Tehran, 2004
  • 1st place in monthly caricature competition on “Opdebeeck” web site, Belgium, 2002
  • 2nd place in “First International Internet Caricature & Cartoon Exhibition” in “Caricature” department, Tehran, 2002
  • 3rd place in “First International Internet Caricature & Cartoon Exhibition” in “Free” subject department, Tehran, 2002
  • Recognized in the 2nd “International Biennial Tehran Cartoon”, Tehran, 1995
  • Recognized in “International Ankara Cartoon Festival”, Turkey, 1999
  • Diploma in “Tolentino” International Cartoon Exhibition, Italy, 1995
  • Second place in “National Student’s Olympiad” in “Cartoon” Department, Tehran, 1993
  • Best Political Cartoon, Iran, 1992